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streetmastersNYC my shazam on fire
streetmastersNYC beast mix!
cbug very nice!
MademoiselleFrenchy Thank you thank you
klutz always a pleasure
klutz great stuff
cbug dee cee
natty wonderwear
klutz ah jeaaah
cbug s***..
natty Frenchy got the key...
natty klutz
natty from the inside to the outside
klutz evening
natty crazy paving
natty really really
natty whup it whup it
natty oh oh mademoiselle
natty love is strange
natty Delice Musique in for a bit
don mclean american pie
neil thanks for listening
groovepoint New Karizma eh! Cool!
groovepoint Thanks Neil
neil new karizma
neil likwid biskit
neil welcome welcome
Princessrockstar we rollin 2 yer set ~ XO
Princessrockstar heeey
MykianSPACIOUS Spacious has liftoff!
TCB wooo them chats be silent like a fart in a church lol
john walker next saturday too
john walker im glad i hopped on
camouflageddisco agreed
john walker
john walker cheers
camouflageddisco yeah lovely mate
john walker everything sound ok?
camouflageddisco thanks to all for listening see you in a months
camouflageddisco massive thanks to filta freqs and stevie jone 2 great mixes thanks chaps
camouflageddisco just filling til ten
cousin ev andy plugged his decks in know ere we go
cousin ev cheers every one ๐Ÿฅ
camouflageddisco lovin it
camouflageddisco i know i know
cousin ev good mix
cousin ev avin it!!!!
cousin ev sounding good
camouflageddisco good tunage
camouflageddisco no id ea am afraid
cousin ev filta crews mix
john walker track id?
john walker all good im goin at top of hour
cousin ev having it
camouflageddisco will be done just before 10 john is that good for you
john walker i think im gonna jump on today for my normal slot AND do my show next week w a guest
camouflageddisco yessaaaiiii
cousin ev
cousin ev daniielson!!!!!!!
stevie jones nice
camouflageddisco up next or guest mix from filter freqs hope youall njoy
cousin ev cols tune
cousin ev cultural steel midlands undergrowth solid!!!!!!
cousin ev ;nc
cousin ev apple predictive
cousin ev oops that meant to say djin
cousin ev not bad fkin our dan๐Ÿฅ don't listen to key board warrior
stevie jones
cousin ev end of april pal
stevie jones whens the next camo then ev
cousin ev our dan in the my house your house
cousin ev
camouflageddisco yo harry
camouflageddisco cheers pal
stevie jones nice track dan
stevie jones hey up harry
harry top lads. good tunes๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
stevie jones sir ev
cousin ev lads!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜
stevie jones top one
camouflageddisco yes amte
stevie jones you up next san
key board warrior is this tune stuck
stevie jones lol breast height
cousin ev ๐Ÿ˜„ta stevie
camouflageddisco not your fault your vertically challenged
key board warrior nice one mr jonesโ˜บ
stevie jones warmin it up for the big lads lol
stevie jones cheers dan
camouflageddisco good mix my man
stevie jones hey up guys hope all is well
camouflageddisco sup stevei
cousin ev ๐Ÿ˜Š
key board warrior
cousin ev ;nc
stevie jones evening