Enjoying the show? Say hi...
Marcel c ya
Marcel thanks for showing up everybody
Marcel have fun with the archives
Marcel and we are done already
Marcel sober wednesdays damn
mariana hellooooo
Marcel i love house music
walt K if it´s not deep i fall asleep
christoph locked
Marcel let's gohooo
rob gray glenb
rob gray miss you!!!
dean miss you
rob gray dean!!! how are you?
dean hi rob
rob gray
SimonDSA check for the show link over at soundcloud*/deepsouthaudio
SimonDSA thanks MHYH was a blast .. nice 120bpm ride
SimonDSA that be Greg with the broken ankel ... ouchy
SimonDSA good thanks and you
Greg lorien oi simon, how's things
SimonDSA Hello Fam ... hear this week .. have a swet 3 hrs of music
Jack nasty power 😃
kevin nowell old remix dj and I did
Tsutsumashii Gotta bound, but please post the link to this session.
Tsutsumashii haven't heard this in a minut
kevin nowell lol we are
Tsutsumashii please say your recording
earl grae wattup Tsutsu thank you sir
kevin nowell nice
Tsutsumashii Enjoying the evening tunes
kevin nowell what em up tsuts
Tsutsumashii what up room
azm ello john. nice seeing you this weekend. hope youve been well
kevin nowell Special guest tonight Earl Grae 9 until 11 est. Cam is on
azm ...that was "through my eyes" by natural rhythm
kevin nowell sick show sir!
john walker had DC sign this recod
kevin nowell nice track
natty well i knew you had to be somewhere
natty metallic tang
natty taste the earth
natty or the money
natty not having the benefits we do
natty but they are unlikely to be tuned
natty i guess monday does sound like this..for many people
natty war of the worlds innit
natty klutz well mixed
natty fookin ell agent 33
natty where the slot is lost ..
natty Cosmic Capers
natty these are the tunes that spelled star wars
natty mr walker you listening to this?
natty Cosmic Capers an Klutz
natty start the week as you mean to go on
natty not many people get to say that on a monday
natty tears of happiness ..
natty makes me want to cry
natty feel the love
natty majestic tunes mr O
natty i cannot think of anywhere else i would rather be stuck
natty am i stuck in the lovely archives?
natty fookme i must be on holiday
natty i wish my every monday sounded like this
natty just for fun
natty did u throw all the days in the air?
natty klutz mr O surely it is a working day
natty hang on what day is it?
Matt O many thanks
cbug nice stuff - great show
kazzer love this too xx blast from past x
Matt O chris moss acid - night owl
kazzer like this babe x
lind track id . pls
Matt O thanks you two xx
kazzer hey matt, looking forward to your show xx
ijb Here we go!
Matt O hi guys live and direct
Matt O ccrs live in 5
klutz nice sounds for a sunny sunday here
MykianSPACIOUS and Now David EPS from South Africa
MykianSPACIOUS Rob Mcall on the decks!
MykianSPACIOUS nest up.. LEMO from Sout Africa
MykianSPACIOUS DJing is IAN L.
MykianSPACIOUS Casting Live from BERLIN LOUNGE in Seoul South Korea!
MykianSPACIOUS Spacious has liftoff!
DJ PSYKO-M1 Love y'all, thanks for hanging with us tonight!
TCB coolin
DJ PSYKOM1 Yo yo! Thanks for chillin with us!
natty thank you mr walker and klutz of course
john walker thanx 4 tunin in all
natty roll that dice