Enjoying the show? Say hi...
Rreka Yez...!!! Nice track!!
Rreka Welcome home klutz...!!!
Rreka Dope Beats!!
klutz yay home from berlin
Sasquatch Apologies... Needle got stuck!
Sasquatch Apologies... Needle got stuck!
Sasquatch Give us a wave if you're locked in!
Sasquatch Evening all! We're back for another edition of the Rhythm Junction radio show
holmez you out there james?
holmez feel this nasty bass right here
holmez refresh those browsers people!
holmez in the spirit starts now!
mattyson we danced a lot .... nite
mattyson stay cozy my friends
mattyson getting ready to vacate! thanks for tuning in gang!
neil jack ur body!!!
neil gr8 to hear
neil smashing it!
mattyson thx neil
neil i like
neil you guys keepin me awake
neil hello
mattyson tech difficulties. jumping back on in a min. sorry gang
mado heyo!!
mattyson sup gang?!
Marcel grethen 4 live!
bechtloff grüße aus düw! til
Marcel mm & cn b2b
Marcel whatsup everybody
rob gray thanks for tuning in!!!
rob gray Hi Dean!!!!!!!!
dean hi rob
rob gray
SimonDSA yay dialed in for just another 30mins .. hope you have been enjoying it ..
SimonDSA hay cuzzy how yoou doing
daley g hi cuz
SimonDSA hello world in the mix now lets roll
mr. anderson thanks everyone, have a great week!
mr. anderson Harmon, fantastic
Harmon Giddles listening to your set and zennig out over house-cleaning
natty sweet eh!
mr. anderson
mr. anderson what are you talking about? You are both dreaming....
natty i was heading to bed hours ago
mr. anderson KLUTZ!
klutz in for a quick before bed
mr. anderson top of the weekend to yah
natty howdy doody mr anderson
mr. anderson Howdy!
natty PointBender
mr. anderson nice one frenchy!
natty chinchin frenchy really good
mr. anderson let me know when you guys are ready to switch over
mr. anderson happy sunday everyone!
natty fou
natty it sounds better in french
natty hang on
natty after nottingham
natty i think they all come from dallas
natty it is hoe u get out
natty it is not how u get into a tune
natty sneaky
mademoiselle frenchy bonjour bonsoir
natty bonsoir frenchy
klutz evening val
Victor Will post tonight...
klutz i remember
natty really victor
Victor Dennis and I started this trip 11 years ago, as you know Klutz. Filling in for him was my pleasure
Victor Thanks for tuning
klutz nice one for filling in victor
Victor That's it for me
Mademoiselle Frenchy Yeah, ready when you are
natty the pain of knowing
Victor OK
Victor Frenchy, you out there?
Mademoiselle Frenchy Yo, whenever you are done, let me know
natty u making me cry
Victor Hi Thomas!!!
natty sun going down sun coming up
Wood Nice set Vic! Keep 'em coming.
Victor is a feeling
Victor Ha!
natty sunday edition
natty yah go victor
Victor It will be again soon
natty i just thought it was friday
natty i was there a long time ago
Victor Are you there yet?
natty where we all turn to mush
natty compression
natty there is a point
natty how deep?
Victor And they do go deep
natty just how deep those tunes go