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john walker choon!!
Bootsy indeed. 4 weeks time. enjoy your show
SimonDSA Cheers .. Till the next one ..
Bootsy Sounding good Simon
Bootsy all yours
Bootsy Yes mate
SimonDSA we on for change over on the hour ..
Bootsy Thanks my man
SimonDSA been sounding sweet in web world ..
Bootsy Thanks Simon. Yeah I have enjoyed it
SimonDSA hi Bootsy .. nice to have you back on the air ..hope its been a good show
mickster ace
Bootsy ....so far
Bootsy carboot find of the year....
Bootsy La Boum
mickster zsa zsa
Sqwza dutty
Bootsy Theo and amp fiddler
Sqwz niice
Sqwza bruk it 1 in the cones
Bootsy Yes Mickster Hope you're good x
mickster rockin tonight
Sqwza jam it
Bootsy On it Sqwza
Sqwza do it booty!
Bootsy LETS GO
Bootsy for the love comin up
KARLALMARIA This Bootsy May 2nd show on archives is tops!
kevin nowell
john walker im out may the force be with you
john walker klutz hope yall r all well
john walker that bassline there
john walker reminds me of sneaker pimps spin spin suger
kevin nowell until 11 est turning it over to MR. Greg Tarrants
kevin nowell thank you sir
klutz long time kevin sounding great as ever
klutz evenin john
john walker great shows
sabrinasd lovelovelove
kevin nowell howdy guys
Tsutsumashii Evening sir...
azm evening ppl.
sabrinasd i'm ready!
kevin nowell John!
john walker cheers kevin
kevin nowell howdy
john walker massiv choon
john walker cheers klutz
john walker lol aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiid
john walker aceeeeeed
sa33 that is a bloody sweet track!
john walker cheers fam
SA33 all yours azm
SA33 almost done here , should be right on schedule
SA33 good evening mate !
azm evening, sa 33
ck lurkin
AZHouseLove lovelovelove
arizoneLove sup
greg thank you natty
greg see you in two weeks guys
natty s*** hot sunday
natty bliss
greg this one never gets old
natty greg moving
greg next one is my last for this week, see you again in two weeks, thanks for tuning in
greg gotta wrap it up a few early tonight... gotta get back to packing up the record room
greg yeah i know natty
greg thanks doc, just playing a few tunes that i havent boxed up yet
natty if u going to screw wiv my head i want you to do it perfectly
marvin berlin awesome tunes!!
natty let me just try turning it up
natty yeah
greg is that better
natty lots od distortion
natty it even sounds like
natty smokescreen
greg nad yes it is old
greg cajmere
natty enlightenme
natty just wish i could remember where
natty this is really old
natty mr watton
natty hey bro you know the way
greg nope from chicago now live in dfw
natty two words laugh cry
natty u must be british?
greg i have to laugh at myself all of the time
natty Sunday's Cool
natty nothing like a good laugh
greg i think lol
natty haha me
greg thank you
natty it just got something annoying going on